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"Finally, a WEBSITE THAT DELIVERS ON ITS PROMISE. My speeding TICKET was DISMISSED due to the EXCELLENT case law and DEFENSE your company provided. It was very easy to follow the script and it worked perfectly." - Rob M. - Pennsylvania  (*See testimonial disclaimer towards bottom of this page) 

Here's a quick education:

In nearly all cases, speeding tickets are being written to bring the local government revenue from the fines they are charging you. You don't think it's that simple? Explain this: Why are auto insurance companies known to purchase radar and laser/lidar guns for police officers?

The answer is that auto insurance companies appear to be in on this "crooked game" too!

After providing a FREE telephone and/or email consultation, can provide it's users a premium service, which includes a custom written speeding ticket defense via email. The defense contains a scripted argument to use in traffic court, along with case law, and/or vehicular codes, which the customer can use to argue and beat their speeding infraction, in ANY of 50 states in the USA. We are not lawyers or a law firm. provides you speeding ticket defense information that takes your specific traffic citation into account.

Even though we are not lawyers, we know from many years of studying this topic, and learning everything you can learn about it, exactly what type of defense statement, and supporting materials, you will need if you will have any shot at beating a speed ticket in court.

We get you the custom prepared information, in simple, easy to understand wording, that is delivered via email, and can be printed out at home.

Most other sites make you read tons of law, and try to figure complicated things out by yourself. We make it much less easier.

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We've provided defense materials to lawyers, judges, and even ex-police officers!  Read our

There is no solid way to avoid speeding tickets. Even the best radar detectors will probably fail you. And make no mistake about it...The cities are out to get your money! But there is a way to beat speeding tickets correctly and legally in court... And we have the legal information you will need, to do so!

"I was found NOT GUILTY. Without you, I would not have tried to fight the ticket. The MONEY for your info was WELL WORTH IT" - Lloyd Hickman - California   

(*See testimonial disclaimer towards bottom of this page)

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