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Speed Ticket Violation Laws - Speeding Ticket Myths

There are many ways to fight speeding tickets. The best ways are probably not ways the average person has heard of. The following methods, loopholes, and strategies, rarely (if ever) beat speeding tickets effectively:

1) Traffic school - A bit more about this on our FAQ's page, although it's probably best to ask us on the phone why traffic school is a bad idea, and we'll gladly explain in greater detail.
2) Finding Errors in how the ticket was written
(including the cop writing down wrong info, misspellings, etc) - Unless you were driving (for example) a blue Porsche, and they wrote (for example) a white Chevy pick up truck, this strategy does not usually work! They have to get it that wrong! Otherwise, mistakes by the cop will not likely beat the ticket!

3) Anything you can download on other sites (ie: "e-books") - They don't take the specifics of your ticket into account. They're also way too much reading and learning of law for the average person to comprehend in a short time. Some more about this on our FAQ's page.

4) Repeatedly getting continuances/delaying the trial -  The cop will likely still show up at the eventual date. Then what are you going to do?

5) Sites selling speeding ticket defenses for less than $50 - If you're paying that little, you are probably getting a bad defense that won't work!

6) Free legal advice/Internet speeding ticket forums - Do you know how to beat your ticket? Neither do the other people on the forums you're reading!

7) Radar detectors -  Even the best radar detector doesn't stop vascar, laser/lidar, or pacing. And most detectors miss lots of the radar too!

8) Lawyers - They don't study how to beat speeding tickets in law school. As a result you will probably end up spending a fortune in legal fees, while they plea bargain, and you still pay a fine! That's not winning! Some more about this on our FAQ's page.

9) You didn't see the speed limit sign or know the limit changed - That's not the courts problem..It's yours!

10) The officer didn't show you the radar (or laser, etc) - They're not required to!

11) The cop has your speed wrong - Cops (not you) are presumed by the court to have accurate information, and to be telling the truth.

12) You had passengers in your car who can confirm the cop has it wrong - Same problem as # 11.

13) The cop must have gotten the speed of another car, or couldn't be sure he got your car in "a pack" of cars - Again, same problem as # 11.

14) "Prayer for judgment" or Deferrals - This is like pleading guilty! Nearly all the same ramifications.

15) You were going the same speed as the flow of traffic, why did he get you? - Because it was your unlucky day! Cops can pick any car they want.

16) Your car can't go that fast - Again, same problem as # 11. Almost no judge will care what "proof" you can show.

17) You had your cruise control set to just a few miles per hour over the limit - Congratulations. If you say this in court you'll likely be found guilty immediately. You should never admit to doing even 1 MPH over the limit!

18) The cop wrote the wrong speed on your ticket - See # 2 above.

19) Your speedometer, cruise control, or some other aspect of your car was malfunctioning - That is your problem, not the courts. They will almost never care!

20) You were driving a rental car, or someone else's car - They are ticketing you the driver...Not the car!

21) You were not going quite as far over the limit as they accused - In the eyes of the court, 1 MPH over equals "you're guilty".

22) You have a CDL license - Were you driving a vehicle, with wheels? Then you have a speeding ticket -  just like anyone else!

23) Your license is from a different U.S state than the one you were driving in - You are living in the computer age. All 50 states are linked up. Your insurance carrier will almost certainly be informed of the violation, and it WILL almost definitely affect you!

24) Your ticket says no court appearance is required - That's true if you are paying your fine by mail and pleading guilty. But that is not what you're supposed to be doing! To win, a court appearance will likely be required!

25) You can mail in a defense ("Trial by declaration") and still win - Almost never works! If you really want to win, you are likely going to have to appear in court! 

26) You can't make it on the date they assigned you to be in court - Court dates can be changed, but if you don't appear on some date that you agree to, you will near certainly lose. 

27) You live out of state and can't get to the trial because it's too far away - Then you will near certainly lose. Remember, they will give you a date months away if needed...But if you don't agree to some date...you'll likely lose. So schedule it for the next time you are going to be in that area anyway.

28) You want them to reduce the speed they are accusing you of - 1 mile per hour over the limit is enough for them to find you guilty and make you pay!

29) The cop did you a "favor" and wrote the ticket for a lower speed than he says you were going -  No. He made you think he's such a nice guy, that now you aren't very motivated to fight the ticket. that was his strategy. He did himself "a favor"!  

30) We need more info from you and/or the tickets code/citation numbers in order to give you the right defense materials - If we needed more info don't you think we would have requested it on our email form? We do not need any more than we asked for.

31) The cop did not have his lights on, was hidden or sitting in a spot that you think was illegal - Cops have the legal authority to determine who was speeding while sitting in any location they wish, with their vehicle in any condition they wish.

32) You were sick or rushing for some other important reason - Doesn't matter. The minute you admit in court to speeding, you lose! They almost never care what your reasoning was!  

33) You have a clean driving record that should help you in court - Wrong. That would be like hoping the judge excuses the sizable amount of narcotics you were caught selling, because you hadn't been caught selling narcotics before. Your clean past is rarely taken into consideration. 

34) You want to try to get the fine and points reduced on your ticket - We do destruction, not reduction! We don't negotiate, we eliminate! If you want to lose money by still paying some kind of "reduced fine", traffic ticket lawyers are great at losing (we hope you caught the sarcasm). All they seem to know how to do is plea bargain, have you lose money, and remain on probation due to your guilty plea.
Bottom line: None of the above ideas are likely to ever work.

If you want to know more about why the ideas above won't work... Ask us, and we'll explain in greater detail. Or read our great blog at Speedticketbeaters.tumblr.com

Without Our:
1- Custom DEFENSE PLAN for YOUR ticket
2- CASE LAW custom selected for your case
3- VEHICLE CODES custom selected for your case
4- ONGOING GUIDANCE/HELP, and DIRECTION throughout the case


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