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Real People Who Used SPEEDTICKETBEATERS.COM To Beat Their Speeding Tickets!

“Charges were dismissed because of your instructions. I would never have even thought to ask for a  dismissal if not for your program.   Thanks a Million. Your program got my ticket dismissed and I am so excited I want to tell the world a speeding ticket can be beat.” - Gerald Crooks - Louisiana

"Any business owner, that owns a business online, knows that the BBB and all the other review websites, are membership organizations. If you join and pay them, they keep your rating high. If you don't pay them, they let anyone destroy your reputation with negative reviews, until you give up and pay them to "clean it up". So I ignored any reviews I read about Speedticketbeaters.com - good or bad. Instead I judged them on how smart they seemed about my speeding ticket, in the phone consultation I had with them. Thank God I did! These guys gave me everything I needed to 100 percent beat my ticket. Because of them, I avoided a very large fine, court fees, and a major jacking up of my car insurance premium. It pays (literally), to talk to these guys, and learn your options from experts." - Jan K. - San Antonio, TX

“Thanks for your help on this.  I beat the ticket in court yesterday.  The judge acquitted me of the charges.  No appeal necessary, but anyone else cited during this period of time paid their ticket unnecessarily. The cop steamed out of the court room.  It was great!”  - P. Yenovkian - California

“I won my case . It appeared to be a defense very people few have tried, and seemed an interesting approach to the Judge. The Judge announced that I did a good job!” - Kurt Spindler - Herndon, VA

“I went to trial after rescheduling the first date and I was found not guilty in the case and was able to avoid getting any point on my driving record or my CSA report which also would have gone on the CSA report for the company I drive for. Thank You again”. - Keith Baldwin - New Mexico

“Hello…. I wish to both thank you, and apologize, for previous emails I sent. I was just so angry at the police for giving me yet another ticket. I followed your instructions step by step and won! No points against my license! I sincerely appreciate your services. Please forgive me for being so rude. Thank you very much and take care. Your method truly does work, and I will be forever grateful to you.  You and your service are amazing!” - Robert Meyers - Ohio

“I actually won my case. I made the CHP officer look like a fool” - Sandy Perry - San Pedro, CA

“My case was dismissed.  I will say that I felt well prepared to present my case and was ready to do so. Thanks for your help.” -  Cori L. - New Mexico

"I was skeptical and almost didn't go with these guys. But I read the review on this page, where the guy in Texas said he owns a business and knows that online reviews are BS a lot of the time. So I took the gamble, and signed up. All I can say is this was a miracle! Speedticketbeaters are for real, and this was one of the coolest things I've ever done!" - Mike Kelly - Bakersfield, CA

“I was cited, in Massachusetts… I carefully, clearly, and forcefully made the case… It was obvious that both the officer and the magistrate were convinced that I was cited incorrectly… I was immediately found “Not Responsible”… Thank you for the defense information. I felt more confident entering the court room today than if I hadn’t asked for your help.“ - Kevin Reopel - Massachusetts

"Your info is so focused and helpful” - Kaixuan Wang - Charlottesville, VA

“It was worth being harassed by you when I didn’t follow your directions thoroughly.  Thank you again.  I did have myself more stressed out than necessary.  I am still basking in the glory of victory.  I don’t know if you remember, but I had $1348 at stake.  I have you to thank for giving me the information and support I needed.  I will highly recommend your services to anyone I know who gets a speeding ticket”. - Marisa Sage - California

Hi: I had received a letter from the APPEALS BOARD of New York City. The letter simply states, “Upon review of the entire hearing record, we find error by the A L J and we reverse.” The letter was signed by all three judges at the appeal hearing.  THANK YOU FOR YOUR HELP.“ - W. Molenaor - New York City, NY

"I told them exactly what you taught me, and the judge dismissed the case!” -Steven Spencer - Atlanta, GA

“I got no points and no fines and am therefore pleased, as I would likely have accepted the plea bargain had I not had your documentary support.” - R. Sigman

“I won! Ticket dismissed. I am very happy, and my insurance agent told me I saved approx $1800.00 (over the next 7 yrs in surcharges).”- Brian Frye - Massachusetts

“The case was dismissed. Thank you.” - C. Anderson -Salt Lake City, UT

“I played every card you guys dealt me…and it pretty much worked! I think the credit goes mostly to you, and already passed along your website to two guys in the bar afterwards.  Like you advised, you need to hold your ground, and never give up.  I just kept going back to your script and offering up the various materials you sent or pointed me to. I say thank you and well done.  Now go work on your customer service skills!” - Charles Forbes - Virginia

“Well good news!! All charges dropped. Kick ass job guys. Thanks!! 90/65 with careless charges DROPPED!!” - Michael Daniels - Kentucky

“Case was dismissed. Thank you. I will recommend you.” - M. Skinner - Lynnwood, WA

“Your defense worked! I was charged with driving 104 MPH (faster than anyone who ever appeared in front of this judge). The whole thing took less than five minutes. Thank you for your advice. I wouldn’t have won without it!” - D.Adams - Paragould, AR

“Letting you know that all went as expected today in court. No further impediments to my record. I thank you greatly for your assistance, and for your insights into the dark system they refer to as "law” . With respect, Ronald" - Ronald Butensky - Ohio  

“Your organization really came through in a pinch.” - Jon Cooper - California

“After using your defense, the judge himself told the officer he doesn’t have an understanding of speed limit laws! The judge then dismissed my case. Officer appeared stunned! Your site was worth it!” - Amit J. - Alexandria, VA

“Thank you so much for taking my calls this week, and being so helpful” - Marc Kadish - Newton, MA

“It worked! The judge said that was an excellent defense” - J. Schieberl

“Greetings Speedticketbeaters… Great News! I beat one ticket using your methods, now I have one more” - David L. Brown - Michigan

“I’m a judicial assistant, and I cannot tell you how elated I am that I found your site!” - Amanda L. - Tennessee

“Beat the ticket !! Your guidance saved me quite a bit of $$$. Well worth your fee”. - Dave Forman  - Massachusetts

“I used your service and won” - Jason Hobbs - Oklahoma City, OK

“I followed your instructions and got word today that I was acquitted!!! Thank you very much!!” - Susan Swor - California

“Would definitely recommend you to my friends” - Tanya Polyakov - New Jersey

“I really really have to thank you. Sorry for the delay. That was the best info you gave me. Where were you 12 years ago? I have learned a lot. I beat my case, the judge told me get out have a nice day. You guys rock!!!"  - Edwin A. - Georgia

"CASE DISMISSED !!!!!!!!!!!! Hello, Okay you did your part, now I am doing mine. Thank you for the wonderful support you provided through out this ordeal. I cited suggested phrases provided by speed ticket beaters verbatim. I went to the online website,plugged in my summons number and voila - "CASE DISMISSED”! It gets better.They also DISMISSED a “defective equipment” summons. Would I recommend  "Speed Ticket Beaters" ? You bet your driving privileges I would.“ - John Walsh - Richmond, Virgina

"I beat the ticket this afternoon, and got away scott free” - Ligea Galotti - Boston, MA

“Awesome defense strategy. I won my case easily, and left the cop dumbfounded” - Marcus K. - Holiday, FL

Let me tell every one, it is worth every penny!!! I felt 100% prepared to defend my self, and it was case dismissed!!!- Harold Tarter - California

“I BEAT THE TICKET. The judge did so many things wrong he wouldn’t dismiss the case at first. He finally had no choice but to dismiss the case. It worked out just fine. This has to be the best money I have ever spent. IT FELT GREAT TO BEAT A CROOKED TOWN WITH A SPEED TRAP AT THEIR OWN GAME. THANK YOU SPEED TICKET BEATERS.”-  Frank Folio - Clarksburg W.V.

“To people out there, this is real! Speedticketbeaters.com is a miracle!” - Adjani - Atlanta, GA

“I could not believe how bad the guy before me looked, trying to put on his own defense. Thanks for all your help.” - S.Resendiz - Pennsylvania

“Case dismissed…Defense seemed impenetrable.” - Ian G. - California

“Case won”- Rich Messemer - Sagamore Hills, OH

“My speeding ticket was DISMISSED!!! I was even surprised. When I first walked in the court room, the clerk thought I was a lawyer. When it was finally my turn to stand before the judge I said "Good morning your honor” and identified my self by name. The officer admitted that I was only doing 63 when I passed him, the judge looked at me and sad “I am dismissing this now.” - Bill Wilson - New Jersey

“They dismissed my ticket.”- Jim Thompkins - Arlington, VA

“Thank you for your additional information. I went to court, I felt confident. Thank you for your assistance and information. You provide a great service.” - Val Miller - California

“Using the information provided, my case was dismissed”- Natarsha Washington - Illinois

“Dismissal granted immediately. Took less than two minutes at the stand. I will recommend and use your service in the future if I ever need to again.” - Dan Fitzgerald - Florida

“I did get off. cop couldn’t prove his case” - Michael Thompson - Portland, OR

“Thanks for all your help. The judge was impressed with my defense argument. CASE DISMISSED! Thanks again, money well worth spending.” - Kerry Simms - Virginia

“Thank you very much for all of your assistance and valuable tools you have provided” - Sherry Chester - Barstow, CA

“Hello. I want the thank you for teaching me about the laws concerning speeding tickets. I wanted to let you know that the judge wrote off the ticket. The cop wasn’t too pleased since it made her look stupid. All is well and I’m glad it is over.” - Dennis Brayshaw - Florida

“Case dismissed! The prosecutor and cop were stunned. I LOVED it!” - Eric J. - Minnesota

“The charges were dismissed” - G. Mortillaro - Sterling Heights, MI

“The Judge dismissed the case, there will be no record. Thank you”.- Ken Guernsey - Lubbock, TX

“Your system works. I’ve already told two friends that are in "awe” and “disbelief” that I was able to get the ticket DISMISSED.“ - Todd Sinelli - California

"They didn’t know what hit them. I walked out of court with no fine, no court costs, no points, just a total dismissal, and the most amazing grin on my face.”-  Bill Bradbury- Christiansburg, VA

“I have used your service for speeding tickets with great success”- Jason Dunn - Florida

“I was well prepared to defend my case…the case was dismissed.” - A.Y - U.S Marine Corps

“I well  never be able to thank you enough for the info you sent me to help me with my speeding ticket here in North Carolina. I did everything you said to do to a tee. My ticket was dropped. I am not a very smart person but I can tell you this if the people out there follow what you send them like I did they can win their case like I did with no problems. I will always consider you all my angels that god sent my way to help me I could never of done it without y'all and I mean that with all my heart and soul. God Bless You All.” - Cindy Patilla - North Carolina

“The Judge saw the light…Your materials gave me the confidence…In the end I won!”- Kevin Partin - Kansas

“I beat my last speeding ticket using your information. I didn’t even have to use half of my evidence!” - Tom Chester - Fresno, CA

“My case was dismissed today. Thank you for giving me the confidence to do this, as it was a great learning lesson of how corrupt the government is” - Andrew F. - Maine

“Success!!! They just dismissed the charge!” - Jeff Sherk - New York

“When all the details were looked over, the judge realized she had no choice but to rule in my favor! I normally don’t right stuff like this, but I am all for endorsing sites that are not about BS… I highly recommend Speed Ticket Beaters… the service is very supportive and the info is legit!” - Aaron Logsdon - Arizona

“Thank you for all your advice; I went to court and I won the speeding ticket” - Tracy Marbley - New Jersey

“Case was dismissed. Thank you.” - Robert Kane - Ohio

“I was in court for a total of 5 minutes, Was found not guilty on all charges. A total, complete, 100% victory thanks to you, your material, your phone prep with me and everything else you provided. Thank you SO much. You really know what you’re doing and it paid off for me today BIG TIME !!!!! I saved a total of close to $500 thanks to you your system. WELL worth what I paid for it.  Thanks again.” - Mary Young - Massachusetts

“I was found not guilty. Without you, I would not have tried to fight the ticket. The money for your info was well worth it” - Lloyd Hickman - California

“Very happy with your past service. Probably would have lost my license several times by now.” - Travis B. - Vermont  

“My husband beat his ticket in Lexington, KY. He used to be a Chicago cop and does not intimidate easily. Thank you for your service.”  - H.Brooks - Kentucky

“Speedticketbeaters. Thank you very much. I did just what you said to do and won my case.” - Peter Bragdon - Maine

“Thank you so much for providing me clear instructions and techniques that gave me the confidence to fight this ticket. I would have given up early on, paying not only the ticket but suffering an insurance hike as well.
I have already recommended your site to a few friends with speeding tickets.” - David Valentine. - New Jersey

“Purchased the info, on beating a speeding ticket (in a construction zone). It worked. I got that particular ticket dismissed, and I thank you.” - Douglas Mancini - California

“Had my trial today, got a severe case of stage fright.   Voice trembling, and hands shaking I read through the defense.  The judge stopped me mid sentence and said my case was dismissed!   Such an awesome experience!  Thank you!” - Chris B - Illinois

“Complete annihilation of this charge. On the way out of the courtroom the cop stated that he never heard anything like this before and it was AWESOME.” - Julio R. - Delaware

“You know you can be crotchety…AND you deliver a fantastic product! So, it’s worth every moment of your crabbiness to have your wonderful guidance.  (Your support staff was exceeding effective too!)” - K. Masters - California

“I just wanted to let you know that our court case went very well and was dismissed. The judge had nothing to say after our presentation other than "You are free to go.” with a blank look on his face. Thank you greatly.“ - Constantine - Virginia  

"My court hearing was today.  Thanks to your guidance, the case was dismissed! I was prepared.” - Griselda G. - Pennsylvania

“Aloha My Name is Shelly and I Just wanted to tell you guys thank you for such an awesome service… I learned a lot and studied what you guys sent me . Thank again it was money well spent!!!”  - Shelly Y. - Hawaii

“First of all Thank You.. Well long story short, I mean NO body was winning in court not even "Lawyers”! My voice was shaky and I was stuttering a little, but pulled through. I made the CHP officer look like a fool, I pissed off the Judge and I WON! The judge didn’t let me finish making the officer look like a fool he stopped me. I threw the paper air plane in court WOW that felt great. If it wasn’t for speedticketbeaters.com I would have been the fool" - Jesse C. - California

"I just wanted to let you know that my case was dismissed. Thank you so much for the defense!  I was able to walk into court feeling confident and prepared. Thanks again."  - Paul Newman - Oklahoma

"Finally, a website that delivers on its promise. My speeding ticket was dismissed due to the excellent case law and defense your company provided. It was very easy to follow the script and it worked perfectly.” - Rob M. - Pennsylvania

“He tossed my ticket out. Thank you for preparing me and giving me the confidence to fight the system.” - Brad Ferris - Massachusetts

“I signed up for the service and went to court with the information they provided. Two police officers and prosecutor were ready to eat me alive. Judge stated you gave a hell of an argument and the court finds you not guilty and dismisses case… this information works. I have never done this before and was nervous at first but after a while it was kinda fun. I got a rush beating them in court!! Won in Idaho.” - Max Stevens - Idaho

“Good News SPEEDTICKETBEATERS, The prosecution is writing up a dismissal for the judge to sign. Thank you very much for your valuable services.” - John Timms - Texas

“Thank You so much!!!  I just got out of court and won my case "hands down”!!!  Thank you for creating this website to help us with our tickets/defense.  It was well worth the money I paid for my defense!!!“ - Donna - Tucson, Arizona

"I attended my court date. I entered the courtroom at 1:30 pm and at 1:37 pm I left the room with a case dismissed.”  -  Clyde Altemose -  Florida

“I was able to use your information to organize and prepare what I would term a "Stellar defense;” The coaching on what to disallow of the Judge was extremely helpful, I was able to challenge the speeding ticket on many levels. I won. Thank you for the confidence to stand up to them.“ - Henry Cuevas - California

"I was going to pay the ticket until I contacted speedticketbeaters. I went in ready with a lot of defense and confidence, case dismissed! Thank you!” - Steve Foster - Massachusetts

“Used your defense. I got a letter from the judge saying It was dismissed. We won. Thank you.” - Ivan M. - Zanesville, Ohio

“Judge dismissed the case stating that this documentation will be handed to the district attorney’s office so they can be better prepared for the next time someone comes in as prepared as Mr. McKinney. Thank you so much for the education you provided me which allowed me to defend myself in court.” - Dr. Shannon McKinney - Oregon

“I am going over the information, and as a former police officer of 11 years…  I love the defense that you have put together for me.” - Irvin H. - North Carolina

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